Update v2.7 Memory Optimization & Overall Improvements

This main focus of this patch is on memory optimization, which brings the RAM usage down extensively. This will improve overall gameplay and fix the issues people with less RAM have been having.

Memory Management Overhaul:

  • All content is now dynamically loaded/unloaded on RAM when needed (only the contents on screen are on RAM).
  • Initial load time is now almost instant.
  • Starting size is 0.3 gigs of ram (previously 1.6 gigs).
  • This will allow even larger Mods due to the improved RAM headroom.
  • Trade off is spawned objects must be loaded from the disk which is slightly slower (minor stutter).

Modding Improvements:

  • Brand new jpg compression with much lower files sizes (60% smaller).
  • Overall Mod stability improvements.
  • Reduced memory footprint for mods due to better compression.
  • Resolved many memory leak issues, especially when loading multiple Mods.
  • Improved load times when loading from the cache/drive.
  • Renamed ‘URL Images’ folder to ‘Images’ (cleanout old cache and improved the name).
  • Added more chat messages to inform players the progress of Steam Workshop syncing.
  • If special characters are in the file path, the mod save location will be changed to the Game’s Data folder.
  • Custom Model has a new object type “Board” (alt zoom does not work on Boards).

Full update and patch notes can be found on our website!
Tabletop Simulator on Steam!
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Update v2.6 Steam Trading Cards, Controller support, & Hex Grids!

We had a great time at PAX Prime and it was great meeting some of you from the community! Here’s a picture of the two of us on the first day right before the doors opened.

Now that we’re back, we have got some great goodies for you. We’re happy to announce that we now have trading cards! So if you’re into collecting, you can now get all the cards, emotes, badges and backgrounds for Tabletop Simulator through Steam! In addition, this update brings awesome support for controllers and hex grids!

Trading Cards:

  • Full support for trading cards, including emotes, badges, & backgrounds


Hex Support:

  • Just like you can control the box grid, you can now create a hex grid.

  • Supports distorted hex shapes by scaling x and y axis separately.

  • Object snapping support for hex.

Controller Support:

  • Xbox 360 controller support has been added.

  • The controller layout can be seen by hitting the ‘Back’ button on your controller.

Full patch notes and update can be found here.

We made a lot of changes in this update, so if you encounter any issues, please post on our support forum.

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Update v2.5 Overall improvements & general fixes.

Surprise! We said we wouldn’t have a patch this week, but we had time to get one out anyways! But for sure, there won’t be any patches the next couple of weeks because of PAX Prime.

If you will be at PAX, be sure to stop by our booth. We’ll be in the tabletop section of the Indie MEGABOOTH!


  • Cut, Copy, and Paste is now working for promoted players.

  • Toggle zoom now works on locked objects just like a surface.

  • Greatly optimized code calls between scripts.

  • Optimized raycast checks for things like pointer position, grabbing objects, etc.

  • All file saving actions notify in chat the save location on your computer.

  • Added name protection when saving objects to the chest to avoid issues (alphanumeric and spaces only).

  • Copy then pasting an object will now immediately snap to grid, greatly speeding up setup.

  • Added a FPS cap of your monitors refresh rate to limit power consumption.

  • Better download completion tracking if objects are deleted when they are loading.

  • Decks now deal from whatever is on top even when flipped over, allowing you to deal from the bottom of the deck

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Update v2.4 - Spawn custom objects, chat overhaul, & improvements

I realized I haven’t updated this page with our last few updates, sorry about that! Here is the latest one!

We’ve got an exciting update this week as you can now spawn individual custom objects from the Chest menu, Workshop mods, and save files. In addition, the chat has been overhauled to the new UI, making it much easier to read. And of course all kinds of other fun things and fixes.

There won’t be any updates for the next few weeks as we prepare for and will be in Seattle for Pax Prime, so hope this will tide you over until the next update sometime in September. We’ll post info on our booth next week!

Chat Overhaul:

  • Chat has been overhauled with the new UI system

  • Chat window can be resized to your liking

  • Names are now only colored while the message is white

  • Chat overhaul finally fixes the Linux type through bug in chat

  • Mousing over chat and scroll wheeling will scroll the chat

  • Overall the chat should be much more readable and controllable than previous


Custom Decks:

  • Better memory cleanup for loading deleted decks from a save/mod

  • Duplicate card images for faces or backs will no longer use up extra ram

  • Overall memory usage should be lower and load speeds should be faster


Spawning Individual Objects:

  • Objects can now be saved to your chest menu and loaded again at any time

  • You can now spawn individual objects from a Workshop mod or save file without loading the entire save

  • Pressing the downward arrow on the button that normally loads the save will expand a list of all the custom assets in that save

  • Each custom object in the file will be listed with duplicates hidden

  • The objects can be spawned by pressing the button or dragging the button into the game world to spawn at that position

  • (Only works with single decks - merged decks will not work)

Full patch notes can be found on our website.

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Update v1.8 - Movable boards, Custom Model improvements, & more!



Contextual Menu Added:

  • You can now right click on a object to bring up a menu to customize different options for that object

  • Objects can now be renamed and when mousing over them you can easily read the name

  • A description can also be added to an object, great for storing player stats or additional info

  • Dealing cards and resetting decks are possible from menu

  • Locking and unlocking an object can also be done from the menu

  • ‘Cut deck’ is a brand new action that can be done in the menu


Custom Model Improvements:

  • Meshes will now use the smoothing normals in your .obj data if supplied

  • Separate collision mesh can be now supplied allowing many more collision possibilities

  • Holes in collision are supported if you choose non-convex, but non-convex objects do not collide with each other (engine limitation)

  • Non-convex is only used if a mesh collider is supplied, best used for something similar to the Chinese Checker board


Optimizations on Custom Assets:

  • Objects that share custom assets are no longer using up memory like they are unique objects

  • Rewinding will no longer require assets to be reloaded from disk


Boards Now Movable:

  • You can now unlock boards and move them just like other objects

  • They can also be spawned in the spawn menu making use of multiple boards



  • Added a rock and tree model great for outdoor RPG scenes

  • Highlighting and then locking multiple objects now works

  • Server name can now be found in the menu

Full update and patch notes can be found on our website!

Big news! Custom Model Support is here! Update v1.7

Tabletop Simulator on Steam

Custom Model Support:

  • You can now import your own 3D models with textures.

  • They must be in .obj format and notepad data of model must be saved on something like Pastebin. Then choose RAW and paste in that URL.

  • The model can be 3 materials (Plastic, Wood, and Metal), this changes shaders and sounds

  • Also it can be considered under 4 categories (Generic, Figurine, Dice, and Coin), which changes how you interact with them

  • Avoid exporting your models in .obj with materials, your texture will be a separate image imported with another URL

  • Currently collision is only working for box colliders (automatically calculated), better support will be coming.



  • Locked objects will be treated like a surface (ex: 2 story buildings will now work properly)

  • Added a Custom category so you can more easily find all the custom object types for your modding needs

Here’s a sneak peak of the UI we’ve been working on (still a work in progress):


If you are interested in all of our updates since release, please refer to our website to view our previous patch notes.

Massive Custom Table Added! Update v1.5

Many of you have been asking for a larger table and we wanted to do even better and give you a massive table that you can even import a custom picture onto! Community involvement is how we can make the best game for everyone and we love to hear your ideas. We get many of the feature ideas from the community so be sure to share your thoughts on Tabletop Simulator (http://berserk-games.com/forum)

Custom Extra Large Table:

  • Our largest table yet with the ability to import any image onto it for your massive games!

  • The table can be used like one massive custom board, and you can even use it in combination with the custom board

  • Recommended resolution for the table picture is 4400x2600


Custom Cards Aspect Ratios:

  • Custom decks now scale to the aspect ratio of the face image (Square cards are now possible)

  • New square face template has been added to the root folder of the game

  • It still uses the same 10x7 template, it’s just widened to make the cards square (each image is 490x490)

Full update and patch notes can be found on our website!

Workshop Support! Update v1.4

We’ve been on Steam for one month and we are proud to announce that Tabletop Simulator now supports Steam Workshop for all your modding needs!

Workshop Support:

  • You can now upload your mods directly to Steam Workshop from within the game
  • Updating them is just as easy with the mods Workshop ID
  • Subscribing to a mod will add it ‘Workshop Game Modes’ found in the ‘Game Modes’ menu
  • Overall this is a very simple system to share and use other players mods
  • (Make sure to restart the game if you subscribe to mods while it is still running)



  • Save and loading now support infinite saves instead of just 20 slots
  • Scaling up an object also increases it’s lift height to avoid it dragging on the ground
  • Quarter flick up is more randomized now and should lead to a true 50/50 probability
  • New save name system for URL images to avoid possible name conflicts

Full update and patch notes can be found here!

Tabletop Simulator Steam Update v1.3

The patch notes this week will be a bit shorter than normal because we have been working on a lot of behind the scenes stuff for Workshop integration. We’ve been making great progress on that and next week’s update will hopefully have Workshop support so keep an eye out.


  • Custom decks can now be spawned as a sideways deck this will make the ‘Alt’ zoom the correctly orientation

  • You can now notify everyone to a location by tapping the ‘Tab’ key and a bouncing arrow will appear with sound

  • 2 New host options: Allow client scaling and enable hands (hands are how you hold multiple cards)

  • Added rules for Mahjong, Reversi and Solitaire.


Custom Paper figurines Added:

  • Let’s you import a picture onto a paper figurine

  • 'ALT' zoom looks at them from the front instead of top for easier viewing

  • 1x2 aspect ratio on the custom card image


Turn Improvements:

  • You can now reverse the order of the turns by choosing counterclockwise

  • People that have empty hands can also be automatically skipped, great for poker style games


Full patch notes can be found here!

Tabletop Simulator Steam Update v1.2

Thanks everyone for your continued support. We’re working hard to bring you these updates to you as quick as possible. We know there are some issues we haven’t gotten to yet, but we haven’t forgotten about them!

You can now purchase Tabletop Simulator through the Humble Widget on our website and will soon be on the Humble Store.


Mod Improvements:

  • Mods are now cached on the user’s machine, so you no longer have to download the same image twice (automatically converted to jpg). This will greatly improve load times when starting up an already played mod.

  • You can find these downloaded images inside your ‘Documents/My Games/Tabletop Simulator/Mods/URL Images’ folder.

  • These changes are in preparation for Workshop integration and local file support.


Loot bag Added:

  • Functions as a bottomless bag that you can use to store unlimited objects inside.

  • Uses a last-in first-out system (LIFO) for retrieving items; most recent items are retrieved first.

  • Mix up the contents of the bag by shaking it. This randomizes the order that the items are retrieved.

  • Saving and loading does not currently work with the bag, working on this so save compatibility isn’t ruined.

  • Loot bag can be found in the spawn menu -> miscellaneous

Mahjong Improvements:

  • Betting sticks have been added.

  • Default layout is now the popular garden wall.

  • Location of the tiles are also randomized.


Full Update can be found here!